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Additional emulators

Started by Retro-Active, July 19, 2014, 05:45:18 PM

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Hi, I'm not just a newcomer in this forum, but also new to Linux as well. I recently tested SparkyLinux 3.4.1 "GameOver" (BTW why "GameOver"? Isn't the gaming now supposed to start/go on or something?) and I think it's a great distro.

However, what surprises me is that some essential emulators aren't included, such as:

- FS-UAE (Commodore Amiga): This is fantastic emulator, with undoubtedly one of the most polished GUI for game emulator ever made. Other features make it even more amazing.

- Kega Fusion (Sega): Kega Fusion is simply the most comprehensive and accurate Sega emulator available, as it emulates Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Master System, 32X, Game Gear and Sega-CD/Mega-CD. Kega Fusion doesn't require installing, but runs directly from the executable. Linux version is slightly older (and with some stripped functions) than Windows version, but it's still the number one choice for many Sega players.

- VICE (Commodore): Another de facto emulator as far as Commodore systems go, excluding Amiga.

- Mednafen (Turbografx-16/PC Engine): Mednafen actually emulates several gaming systems, but it's probably the most accurate Turbografx-16 emulator in existence, and therefore best used for that purpose; other gaming systems are best emulated with other programs. Unfortunately Mednafen is cumbersome and relatively painful to configure and it only runs through command-line. However, Turbografx has few outstanding games in its collection, especially in CD format, which is good justification to support the system's emulation.

- SNES9x (Super Nintendo): ZSNES is great Super Nintendo emulator, but the more recent SNES9x is (apparently) more accurate and definitely visually nicer-looking. ZSNES doesn't get updated anymore and it looks quite archaic as well. Could you consider replacing ZSNES with SNES9x, or at least include it as well?

- NullDC (Dreamcast): Granted, NullDC works in Linux only through Wine (or maybe with VirtualBox as well), but it's still a must-have. As far as I know, this is the only decent way to play Dreamcast games in Linux, unfortunately.

- PPSSPP (Playstation Portable).

- PCSX2 (PlayStation 2).

- Dolphin (Nintendo GameCube and Wii).

- ScummVM (LucasArts adventure games).

- With MAME, including QMC2 front end is worth considering, if possible. MAME with its command-lines is not for everyone, and QMC2 is really good front end for it.

So there you have it. Could you include these emulators?


QuoteBTW why "GameOver"?
It's really good question  :o
I needed something strong in the name with the word 'game' what everyone hearing that can image that it is something for gaming for sure. If you finish any game (hope any) you can see the same word.
Anyway there was (still is) a few other linux distributions for gaming called 'gamers', 'gaming', 'game edition'. etc, so I nedded something different but around 'game'.

I was thinking about other emulators, so I will take it on advisement.
The only one problem is with the iso image limited size up to 3,9999999 MB
To put something extra on it I have to remove something (some games for sure).
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Ah, the limited iso size... :(

There's quite many games included in the distro by default, but these missing emulators don't take that much space, so I don't think that there's really a need to make heavy cuts to existing game collection. And maybe there's few games that aren't that important?

You could also think about it this way: Just one emulator gives the possibility to play loads of games, being a representative of the core gaming system. Certainly users can always install what emulators they need, but then they'll have to know what to get: Newcomers who are interested in retro games in Linux will have to spend quite a bit of time finding the emulators for various systems (I know I did!), especially if they come from Windows. Also, some emulators in Windows aren't available in Linux, or they may not necessarily function properly in Linux. And letting users decide what they need is good policy: Emulators themselves don't include any games, so that part is left to players. But there may be some native games in SparkyLinux that not all players are interested in.

Together with distro's current emulator collection and my additional suggestions, SparkyLinux would definitely have almost all relevant game emulation covered. Because gaming can be tricky in Linux, a dedicated distro that makes it easy for player will certainly come needed. Setting up several emulators is not only arduous, but also time-consuming. There are no real benefits from player's perspective to spend too much time with that - learning Linux is another matter...

As for the edition's name... How about "1Up Edition"? It's not a great name, but certainly more cheerful than Game Over, and almost as recognizable.

I did notice that Mame does have front end installed, but check out that QMC2, if you're not already familiar with it. It's really robust, but requires lot of extras and tinkering from user - which can be counter-intuitive if the goal is to make gaming easy. On the other hand, players don't have to set it up if they don't want to, which is great.


I will keep your list of the emulators and I try to install a few more next time.
QuoteHow about "1Up Edition"?
I don't think it's a good idea to change the code name.
Anyway it's only one vote (yours) now, so we will wait to find out if somebody can share his/her opinion about that.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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QuoteI will keep your list of the emulators and I try to install a few more next time.

Alrighty then, glad to hear that.  :)

The name-thing is not that important, it's just a name.  ;)


CentOS 7 Everything edition is almost 8 Giga Bytes. It requires 8 GiB USB/Pen Drive. It would be okay if you release such edition also 4.7 GB version for DVD installers. Having emulators and not knowing how to install emulators and not having any emulator related games is what makes it too boring.

I wish you release 4.7 GiB version and Everything Gameover version with emulator games pre-installed. For example ShadowFlare is an awesome game with four parts. First part is free and it would be perfect if it's pre-installed on playonlinux. ShadowFlare is no longer selling part 2,3 and 4 and they discontinued on-line servers and forum and their website too. May be they are all free now, if we request them. I absolutely love Age Of Empires but, it's not free. I hope we don't have to tweak wine or play on linux to install any games. Some say we need to install directx package for wine and have to change graphic card details in wine registry.

I have a dangerous mind disorder known as Schizophrenia and my working memory or RAM is absent or non functional, my long-term memory or hard disk is partially defective and I have paranoid delusions and halucinations... I use anti psychotics to counter paranoid delusions and hallucinations and violent behavior.... Due to anti psychotics violence is absent but there are side effects such as weight gain, low sperm production, loss of interest and motivation and anti psychotics lessen the problems but they don't cure negative symtoms or negative imaginary stories inside the low bandwidth head. Due to all these problems I keep failing in leading a normal life. Sometimes I'm intelligent and all other times I keep tripping as if some drug lord has tied my shoe laces and I can do little or nothing about it. For the above reasons I need an out of the box - rolling release distro such as Sparkylinux. So far Sparkylinux is the best distro I've come across. I used almost 15 different distros and downloaded more than 20 different distros but didn't use them all and yesterday I removed all of them except sparkylinux from my external harddisk. I now have sparkylinux openbox, sparkylinux LxDE and sparkylinux gameover.

I wish there is a Everything edition of Sparkylinux gameover... no need for internet or other games. Preinstalled with best free games including best free emulator related games. I have 90 GiB android apk files and I wish there is an android emulator. There are few of those such has gene but it comes with one or two problems.

I want install sparkylinux gameover for my friends daily use but no internet means all sorts of linux problems go unsolved and the user discontinues usage of linux.

All I wish is...

Everything edition.
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QuoteCustom ISO Builder 0.1.0


Quotemylivecd PCLinuxOS --- Sparkylinux Sparky Backup System.

QuoteSparky Backup System - 'sparky-backup-sys' package in our repo.

I think we can use above tools to build our own ISO.
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.

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