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New "Sparky" user, here!

Started by GeneC, July 02, 2014, 02:44:02 PM

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Hello Folks,

Brand new "Sparky" user here, but 4 years Debian user.  Started with LMDE when it first came out, but drifted from it, when they dropped XFCE support, and incorporated the dreaded.. :o "Update Packs".  I prefer a true 'rolling' Debian, and this distro looks quite excellent.
I've the latest 3.4 XFCE (64bit) version installed on triple boot with Manjaro, and Mint 17 'Cinnamon'.  I hope to see some old faces here.
I come from the heart of central Maine, USA.  Nothing but lots of woods, and Moose for neighbors.. ::)
(I like it that way)!


I like rolling mode too, means everything keeps fresh :)
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Hi pavroo.. :)

Really nice job on the distro.  I wish I had found it earlier.  I have some catching up to do...


Hi gene.  Good to see your ugly mug here - remember it well from my Mint days. 


Hi seppalta.. :D

Good to see you here also.  Expected to see a few more LMDE refugees.. ::)


I tried several distros...

You mentioned that you use

1. manjaro

2. sparky

3. linuxmint

Currently I have manjaro openbox on my low ram desktop searched for similar openbox distros found few and two of those are crunchbang and sparky.

I have linuxmint 17 Qiana installed on my laptop.

I will install sparkylinux-gameover on my laptop and my friends laptop. I have been scanning for two long days for bad sectors on my friend's 500 GB harddisk.

I tried sparky linux gameover on usb and it uses LXDE not pure openbox but it's fast and awesome.

I could never achieve sparkylinux-gameover if I had to build it from scratch. It's truely unbelievable. Simply awesome.

My friend will enjoy all the games.
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Hi Gene! If memory serves, I recall seeing your ugly mug  ;) and helpful & informative posts at SolusOS, but not for very long. Good to see a familiar face here :).

I was very impressed with the live DVD (Mate 64-bit) and will be installing Sparky on my SSD. I'll report back with my findings.


Hi Jordan.
Yep remember you as well.  Ah! SolusOS.  Sad to see it go. Hope Ikey is doing well.


Hi  GeneC,
Good to see you here too, I occasionally post over at SolydXK and learned most of what I know of Debian via the Mint forums.
I'm trying out the Sparky Razor-QT version ... I like it, it's very 'snappy fast' on my laptop.



Hiya Dave.

Is the 'Draftsight Cad' still running OK?  Mine tanked, and never put it back.  Sparky has been my go to distro for a while. 


"Is the 'Draftsight Cad' still running OK?"
Yes, I guess they put out a newer version of the beta package so you need to download that and reinstall.
Once I did that, then re-registered all is well again.
Something to do with a software dongle that disables the older version (not sure how that works).
Hopefully one day there will be a "normal" solution (i.e. version in Debian repositories) for running (Acad Clone) CAD in Linux (probably not in my lifetime, however).

I haven't installed it in Sparky, I think I'll leave Sparky for play and keep CAD in SolydKBE. (BE is my work horse, work base).
I did, however, set up Sparky to run Netflix and it works great!



I now successfully use SparkyGameover on my desktop and sparkylinux LxDE on my laptop and it works so smooth that no other distro compares with my personal user experience.

Sparkylinux is the best linux distro in my humble newbie opinion.

Thanks to pavroo and sparkyteam if there is any, to make it possible for us to enjoy using it.

Thanks again pavroo.
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.

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