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32bit live usb only shows 3.2gb ram on 64bit system

Started by johnh009, June 10, 2014, 06:42:59 PM

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Running a live 32bit (Sparkylinux 3.3 Mate) from a USB stiick, only shows 3.2gb ram (of 8gb) on 64bit system (according to the Mate System Monitor). Can this be fixed, so that all 8gb can be seen and available for use, or do I really have to use the 64bit version? As I have a download limit, that my wife would also like to share, I was hoping to avoid another large download.

I'm assuming that this version of Sparky is PAE enabled.


Running the live system you can't do that.

Sparky 32 bit has Linux kernel i486 - it does not support PAE and RAM memory bigger than 4GB.

After Sparky installation on a hard drive, you can install Linux kernel i686 to get access to your bigger RAM and more then one core CPU.

Running system in live mode only you need 64 bit iso image.  
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Thanks again for the quick response.

I think I'll have to pinch some of the wife's download quota and download the 64bit version!

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