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"Login Security"

Started by Somewhat Reticent, June 10, 2014, 06:18:54 PM

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Somewhat Reticent

Sometimes there is a conflict between efficiency/convenience and security: today when I wanted to log into the Forum, a second layer of login came up. It required logging in a second time :? with a particular user-name and password :P .


It depends what exect link you use?

The message asking for user and password has to be: User Restricted Area

If it's different - you are in wrong place :)

Anyway the login window pop-ups again if you type wrong user name or password.
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Somewhat-Reticent:  shows a second pair of credentials. which must be used as well because of the configuration of this forum. I've never seen a forum with this problem, and I thing a reconfiguration would rectify this peculiarity.

Unfortunately, the Android default browser does not show the content of which in part state:


user: sparkX

pass: userXspark

Try using that username and password when you hit that second layer.


That works.  Finally, I am back on.  

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