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Mate Upgrade (1.6 to 1.8)

Started by johnh009, June 02, 2014, 09:43:35 PM

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After upgrading from Mate 1.6 to 1.8, on the Control Centre, the 'Main Menu' (editing) and 'Software & Updates' options do not function. Something no longer works in Mate 1.8, or something has not been installed that should have been.

Any ideas gratefully received.

PC is a Dell Latitude D610 with 1GB of RAM.


Software & Updates: check in Synaptic do you have installed 'software-properties-gtk' package.

If not, install it.

Main Menu: looks like a Mate bug. The application is called 'mozo' and it's installed but doesn't want to run.

Should be reported to Mate team I think.
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Thanks, pavroo, for the prompt response. Will check this evening and also search the Mate forums for a clue as to why 'mozo' doesn't appear to be working, and then update this post.


OK, the 'software-properties-gtk' package is installed, but alas, Software & Updates still doesn't work.

On trawling the www for possible solution for the Main Menu problem, I found this site:

In it is a big list of packages that could (probably should) be removed after installing the Mate desktop, including lots of gnome packages.  I have removed some (and some are not installed anyway), but others indicate that 'mate-core', 'mate-common' or sparky packages (e.g. zenity) will also be removed, which I am not sure is such a good idea. You thought?

I'll keep looking for clues.


Software-properties: remove file lsb-release (as root) :


rm -f /etc/lsb-release

It's a small bug, I posted it on our forum 2 or 3 times already.

Then it should start working.

Most of the gnome packages has been removed before. Honestly I never installed them in any Sparky version.

So... don't follow the instruction from the external forum, becouse we don't use gnome.

Sparky Mate Edition has a few packages around gnome preinstalled such as network-manager-gnome, camorama, gnome-alsamixer, gnome-icons, gufw, gdebi, liferea, simple-scan, system-config-printer.

Keep all of them as well as zenity zenity-common libreoffice-gtk.

You can remove packs: metacity metacity-common (if is still there)


sudo apt-get remove metacity metacity-common
apt-get autoremove

Anyway i will try to report the bug on mate forum, becouse it's nothigh about Sparky.
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To fix mozo, switch repository from Mate to Debian:" class="bbcode_url">

Thank's for reporting the bug.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Thanks again pavroo - both bugs fixed. Great stuff.

I like this distro a lot. Installed on this D610 for my wife who's running a really old (and obsolete) version of ubuntu on an even older (celeron based) laptop. So this Mate desktop will be very familiar.

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