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(Solved) "DNS Lookup Failed"

Started by frogprince, April 15, 2014, 01:46:03 AM

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I'd like to refresh this topic.

I have upgraded one of my testing sparky installations (sparky-3.3-base) which has wicd and resolveconf (package) preinstalled.

After upgrading all packages, the /var/resolveconf directory has been removed from the system. So it couldn't make symlink to /etc/resolveconf/ and another symlink to /etc/resolve.conf (it work with resolveconf.deb package so it has to).

I manualy reinstalled resolveconf.deb package but it did not make any change.

So I removed wicd and resolvconf packages and all its dependencies and installed network-manager-gnome instead.

It doesn't need resolveconf package preinstalled, becouse it creates /etc/resolveconf file itself.

Anyway the latest iso image of sparky-3.3.2-test3 doesn't have wicd nor resolveconf anymore, but has network-manager-gnome so it shouldn't make any problem with networing any more.
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