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Nvidia tanked

Started by NGIB, June 09, 2014, 12:01:58 PM

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Had the system running smoothly on my Core I-7 laptop with a Nvidia 540M card using the nouveau driver.  Decided to install nvidia drivers from synaptic (used the metapackage) and when done the system started to boot, went to a black screen and just sat there.  This isn't good as installing a driver from the repos should not tank a system.

I made a remaster before I did this so I could reinstall to get everything back but I wonder if it's worth the effort?  I've installed nvidia drivers on this laptop with many distros and it's never been an issue as everything went smoothly...


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Not very user friendly I see.  I wonder how many folks do what I did and load the driver from Synaptic and blew up the system.

Works fine on the Buntu based systems, probably why they're more popular...

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