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apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade

Started by jojmah, May 14, 2014, 09:06:49 PM

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I have recently installed this fabulous distro on a Macbook 1,1. On my old machine Debian works flawlessly, it's very light on resources. My mac loves this painless experience!!!

I just had to tweak it a little bit in order to get my isight and my wireless card working.

My question is: whenever I have to upgrade, should I use upgrade or dist-upgrade? I've read than on Debian Testing it is advisable to stick with the second option, but I am afraid my system will eventually have some issues.

Once again, thank you for this distro.


Hi jojmah.

I'm glad you enjoy Sparky.

You are right, the best way to keep Sparky up-to-date is the same as Debian "testing": dist-upgrade.

You can find some tips on our FAQ page too.
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Thanks a lot for your clarification.

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