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[Solved]Openbox distro which one should I download

Started by dave1, April 27, 2014, 01:05:03 PM

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I want to install Sparky Linux. I see two Openbox download 1) SparkyLinux 3.3.1 Base (Openbox) x86_64 and 2) SparkyLinux 3.2 Ultra x86_64 Openbox/JWM. Which one should I download?

My another question , Is sparky linux is rolling release distro?




Sparky 3.3.1 Base features Openbox and a few tool only - it's perfect if you'd like to customize your own desktop on the to of Base.

Sparky 3.2 Ultra features Openbox, JWM and all tools and applications similar to all Sparky Editions. Sparky Ultra is not under development any more, Sparky Base still is. Anyway Sparky is a rolling release (check the main page description) so whatever you choose, it be working well.
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Thank you.

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