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Quantity of upgrades

Started by rod-a, April 24, 2014, 02:10:25 AM

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I successfully installed SparkyLinux 3.3 LXDE x86_64 a couple of days ago on my second PC to try it out. I like it a lot and have customised it to suit my needs. I like the light-weight, fast result and the rolling release. I am thinking of using it as my main computer.

I updated it yesterday and had to download over 600MB. Is this a once-only event because of the new install? What is a normal maintenance amount? I have to pay extra if I exceed 10 GB per month. I updated again this morning and only needed 4.4 MB so I hope it was a one-off.

Roderick Aldridge


Sparky is fully based on Debian testing, which is an 'alive' system. Sparky gets updates every day, sometimes is not much, sometimes is a lot. In your case, you received so much updates because Sparky 3.3 LXDE has been released 1,5 month ago.
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Thanks for your prompt reply. If about 400MB/month is normal I can happily manage that. It should be worth it to get the speed and simplicity, also the benefits of a continuously updating rolling release.

I have removed Conky and Wbar from the list of autostarted applications as I don't need them for my purposes. This means the system boots up using just 154 Mb of memory excluding buffers and cache.  Instead I have removed the taskbar from the (top) panel and added it to a new panel at the bottom of the screen. This has given space to add my favourite applications to the top panel (with room for plenty more). With the excellent array of you standard applications already there I can start nearly everything I use with a single click. I only need to use the Menu for seldom-used applications.

Congratulations to the team on the way you have set up and customised this distro.

If everything continues to work well for the next week or so I intend to go ahead and use SparkyLinux on My main PC.

Roderick Aldridge

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