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lost network-manager-solved

Started by marvinudy, April 07, 2014, 07:29:34 PM

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Running Sparky 3.3-64 Mate.  After doing update via apt-get install upgrade and/or apt-get dist-upgrade I lost the network manager and eth0 connection.

Problem fixed by doing upgrade either way and reinstalling network-manager via synaptic BEFORE rebooting.  During reinstall of network-manager via synaptic, message warned of conflict between network-manager and modem-manager.  The later was deleted during the reinstall of network-manager.

Sparky is installed on a 64Gb Crucial SSD running on an I3-4340 processor with 8Gb of memory on a ASRock Z87 extreme 4 MB.

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I've seen that, but the upgrade didn't remove the network-manager from every version of Sparky.

Some of theme have been upgraded with no problem.

Thank's for reporting that.
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Bit of a bumpy ride sometimes with network-manager under gtk with the gtk3 development in Jessie.  Going to the more textual  - curses based ceni smooths things out with me.  ymmv
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