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How to setup and use 2 and more languages?

Started by Dimos, March 04, 2014, 08:13:11 PM

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I'm new to Debian Sparkylinux and I impress so far but how to setup 2 and more languages and change from one to another in an easy way?

I want English for the environment and Greek for typing purposes.


You have to use only one language in one session.

But you can reconfigure different language for every session using Menu-> System-> Language tool.

But you can use English as a default desktop language and Greek keyboard.

English language can be set as before and set Greek keyboard from Menu-> System-> Keyboard Layout Settings
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Thank you pavroo

Because the keyboard layout hasn't the ability to add as they do other distros under the main layout to add as many keyboards you like, I mistaken supposed that could not add at least another language.

I'm happy that it works fine and change with a shortcut key from English to Greek.

To inform other newbies its little tricky to choose the right layout if you have special characters as "€" and to see the results you have to reboot.

Many bravo to all who contribute and made the SparkyLinux specially the LXDE a lighting fast distro!

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