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ati rv280

Started by carlo, February 26, 2014, 02:34:41 PM

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hi all

finally i've updated kernel to 3.13.5 (through liquorix repo), everything works faster, but i still have big big issues under enlightenment..

it seems that no "true" opengl is configured/working: enlightenment and kde both say that only software emulation would do, but under enlightenment even moving windows becomes a pain

however i have checked on the infernet and i should have the equivalent to opengl 1.4 working through mesa, those things with glxinfo and glxgears seem to give proper answers (i'm home now so i can't tell the exact content); xorg is using "radeon" drivers, though i can't get where the conf file is.

not sure i have expressed myself clearly Is there any workaround or any trick to use the video card properly?

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