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<SOLVED>Broadcom wifi not working on HP2133 netbook

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I havedoone a full install on an old 2133 notebook i have lying around, works fine exept i cant get the wifi to work, it dosent appear n the network menu, and i cant find any info on the driver online, can anyone help? please note i'm verry new to linx.

Show me results of two commands from a terminal: 'lspci' and 'lsusb'.


sorry they are images, cant get online on hp yet, ethernet cable MIA

It's OK.

But you can use Lxterminal or MATE-terminal, depence what desktop you have (what desktop/sparky version you have?)

Don't run the system in text mode, run it as normal mode and run from menu-> accesories-> terminal, log in as root:

modprobe -r b43

If it does not show any problems, run:

modprobe b43

Then check your wifi networks.

Thanks, I'm using ultra, stupid question, I'm a ubento user, how do you log in as root in the terminal?

I am running gui, just full screen xterm to make text fit, didn't know ther was a text only mode.


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