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Started by h3l10s, October 10, 2013, 06:15:14 PM

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Welcome Synister , we als have a facebook group


Hi cam2000 saying hello, I been running sparky with enlightenment desktop since October, Ive done Dist_Upgrade 3 or 4 time Sparky is going great no breakages

Thanks for building a great OS.

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Welcome cam2000 , have you had a look at any of the other versions ?


Hi everyone, I am a casual Debian stable user by intermittance for several years, not a complete noob so but still not very gifted with all the linux stuff. My objective is to get up and running with sparky-xfce this weekend on a Acer Aspire One 725 netbook. I have some persistent bugs with Wheezy, so I hope this will get well !

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Welcome LePyrat  we also have a facebook group


I am in China so no FB, sorry ;-) Thanks for the warm welcome !


Hi all am a student of Faculty of physical education a curious passes his free time on the computer instead of to be training in the gym, I hope to have many friends here, to help me since I'm new to this, greetings from Argentina .

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Greetings nacho20u and welcome. We will help you all we can to use and enjoy SparkyLinux.


Greetings from Australia!

This comes to you from a full install of Sparky 3.3 E17 on an old (but much-loved) Acer 5684 - it went smoothly and is now upgraded without any drama.

Lovely piece of work, folks, well done!

My thanks to the devs and to the mods and salutations to Agust for the excellent Sparky-Red-Onix theme.

I've been retired for some years now and still enjoy helping newcomers of all ages to get going with varii flavours of Linux, occasionally we rebuild a dead PC to get them going.

I love the Enlightenment desktop for my own use, and have a selection of older hardware that works pretty well.



I have some Linux skills but most of my experience is Red Hat based.  I'm slowly warming up to Debian.  This looks like a good place to get some learnin'.

I've installed Mate and RazorQt.  There were 500+ upgrades and I didn't expect that to go well,  but I'm pleasantly disappointed.   :)   It went very well as far as I can tell.

Sparky seems pretty solid.

Thanks and kudos to the devs

The Black Pig

Welcome ongoto, don't forget we have a facebook group


Hi all,

Not new to linux, started with slackware back in the mid 90. I'm distro hopping these day and came across sparkylinux. Installed the xfce version and love it so far. I am a programmer with no experiance on linux. just out of school. I wish i could help. I got a qt programming book to read. Maby a could help later. B.t.w i'm a french canadian so sorry for my english.



Any help will be... helpful
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Hi, I started with Linux after retiring after 35 years as a sales engineer and manager with Ubuntu 6.06. I'm running Sparky LXDE on an older Dell X1 laptop with a 1 GHz Centrino and 512 MB of RAM. It's a small and handy unit that I take when we travel, and it really runs well, much better than it did with XP. I also teach part time at a tech school and give out some Linux live CD's to students. Pavroo, your support is wonderful, keep up the good work.


Hello all,

the reason I enter this forum is, I have just a very little experience with linux. Now i just installed Sparky, and (who had thought of this!) I already have problems...

I choosed sparky because there is some software installed with it (vlc, gimp for example). That is important to me, because my internet connection is about 5 Kb/s. (I'm quite happy when it's up to 10 Kb...) so downloading software may take a few hours.

The big problem I have with all linux-topics is: when I google simple questions, i won't understand the answer.

So. I am here to learn what it is with terminals, sudos etc.

I hope there are patient people around here...

looking forward to become better


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