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Some questions for USB install: home in root, encryption and where pacages go.

Started by Linux_Newbi, February 01, 2014, 10:22:22 PM

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1) Are there any downsides/problems with having home in root? It's just I'm working with a small usb (8gb) and I don't want to run out of space in one off them and have to repartition.

2) Are there any inbuilt tools for encrypting the os! I'm using my install for work and a USB is much easyer to misplace than a laptop, if not, what are some good tools, I've always used truecrypt with windows, but if there is anything better...

3) Ok, now for a verry nooby question, are packages downloaded into home or root?

Thank you verry much for your time and answers! And yes I have used google.


1. You mean 'home' folder on root partition instead of separated 'home' partition? It's no problem.

2. There is not inbuilt encrypting tools yet. I will think about that for next release.

3. What packages? Downloaded for installing via package manager go to /var folder, packages downloaded by you go to /home/you/Download folder.
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3) what I men is when I apt get install something(eg libre office) assuming home and root are on seperate partitions, which will it be installed in(which one should I leave more space in)


Any new downloaded packages go to folder /var, but installed packages go to /usr so it's the root partition.
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Packages go in /var/cache/apt/archives when completely downloaded.

If you have Synaptic generate a download script (to lighten the load on your Internet connection, for instance, by running the fetches one by one instead of filling up the bandwidth the way Synaptic likes to do), make sure to edit that script to include


cd /var/cache/apt/archives

before the first line of wget commands, so everything gets put in the right place.

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