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sparky CLI and LxeQt

Started by carlo, January 30, 2014, 01:30:05 AM

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hi all

i have torubles reinstalling sparky 3.2 on my blessed machine.. seems like the default kernel boots as live but has some failure booting.. ( i think i've already asked you about this issue)

just wondering: is it possible to install razorqt or lxdeqt from the sparky cli? if yes is there any complete guide (lxdeqt is a bit lacky and i have always been missing some function whenever i tried to install it...)?

will next release include lxdeqt?

thank you all


You can install any DE over CLI if the desktop can be found in your repository.

There is not Lxdeqt in Debian repo yet, so... you need wait for it or find another, 3rd party repo.

Next release with Lxdeqt? Don't think so.
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