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several noob questions

Started by Synister, January 12, 2014, 10:22:17 PM

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Hi, Yall

As I said in my intro, I'm new to Debain so I think that I must be using the wrong words to search for the info I'm looking for. These are simple things and it should be easy to find them.

(1) The last thing first thing in the morning I want to do is try to remember/type-in or see a login screen. I am aware of the security layers built into Debain/Linux but it's my personal computer. Is there a way to tun this feature off?

(2) Military time drives me nutts. How do I change the clock to AM/PM?

(3) If I play a game, Menu>Games, the conky display moves to the left. If I play several games it will migrate to the center of my screen. I can reset it with conky manager but how do I anchor it so it won't move?

(4) Creating a LAN net work so I can play games with my kids.

As I said these are simple things and are not the fault of the Gameover distro. I think the problem is between my ears lol.

These are minor issues and not very important. And do not take away from the usability or performance of the Gameover distro, which I'm having a lot of fun with.


Hi Synister.

I'll try to explain you what you need, but if it is your first contact with  Debian or Linux it can be a little difficult.

1. In a terminal log in as root and open the file:


leafpad /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Then find two lines in [SeatDefaults] section, remove '#' from the front of the lines and add your nick name, such as:



2. Time on the panel -> right click on the timer-> preferences-> change %X for %r

Conky time-> Menu-> Accessories-> Conky manager-> Edit Conky-> it will open configuration file so find the line:


${goto 22}${font LCDMono:bold:size=18}${color3}${time %T}${color}

and change %T for %r. Then save the file, close it and start Conky.

3. It happens becouse games change your desktop resolution so if you get back to the desktop, just log out and log in back. If can't help restart Conky using Conky manager as above.

4. If you'd like to create LAN under Debian (Sparky is fully based on it) read LAN How To:" class="bbcode_url">

I hope it will help you some.
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 This distro is to good to be real. Like I said I was using the wrong words to look for the info I wanted lol. The first three answers took me all of 3-4 minutes to fix and it was very smooooooth and easy. Now that I am extremely pleased with this distro I'll put it on my other computer and work on the LAN setup.

It took me a long time to find this distro and I'm very glad that I did not settle for second best when this is obviously the first best :)

BTW, I have managed to crash this distro. So, after I get more familiar with it if you need a tester I would bet that I can crash it ;)

Thank you for your timely response and your hard work at make a really good product.

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