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Started by carlo, December 05, 2013, 01:26:52 PM

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hi all

i'm about my home pc now:

i turned it on this morning, i upgraded, worked a bit, switched it off and left

when i got home io tunred it on again, but... rather than starting the desktop manager it gives me a blank screen:

i tried to boot from previous kernels, tried ot enter dpkgg-reconfigure kdm and lightdm but i still can't get graphical...

as far as i remember i upgraded libc6 and marble

Any hint?


I have upgraded one sparky spin, libc6 have been upgraded but it is still the same version 2.17. Can you try to run the system in safe mode and run startx manualy?
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Yes i did

And i get the very same result



Run it again in safe mode with startx command. Don't shut it down, copy 2 files:



and post theme.
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As an addition for our mails I have another idea.

I've found similar issue when I was creating sparky 3.0

Try to change the display manager from kdm to lightdm.

Edit file /home/you/.dmrc and change whatever ther is for:



Create a file /home/you/.xsession and put it there:


exec /usr/bin/startkde

Then reboot and let me know is any better.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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this time i've been LUCKY...

i tried as you said but it didn't change much

so i told myself, why not to install some other display manager..

so i typed


apt-get install simple

actually i meant slim (but i really could not recall) and i was told no package found but there are some unsolved dependencies: there were a dozen libcg6 files and some other things and i followed apt suggesiton



after an


apt-get install -f

and some little more arguing boot and dm work... (and slim is soooo ugly)

thank you pavroo, sorry for bothering

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