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Sparky Logo gear wallpaper

Started by 50, November 03, 2013, 03:17:10 PM

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50" class="bbcode_url">" alt="sp_gear_01_1280.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />" class="bbcode_url">" alt="sp_gear_01_ws.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />" class="bbcode_url">" alt="sp_gear_02_1280.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />" class="bbcode_url">" alt="sp_gear_02_ws.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />

I haven't figured out a good conky for it yet, but it works well with the icon theme." class="bbcode_url">" alt="spaky_gear_ss.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />

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