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Hi all

it's always me, this time from home computer..

i'mforced to use lxde now cause kde would only crash ahort after login (don't worry, i filed the report to kde peoples),

so i'd like to know where i can find a wroking conky config for lxde (like the one you provide out of the box):so far it's only appearing with its black background, and every attempt to move it or remove the background result in nothing or conky to not appear...

i know i'm a burden, but i've been told i'm a great betatester  ;)

Yes Carlo, you are really active person :)

The conky file is located at: /etc/conky/conky.conf and /opt/conky/

If you like my conky config, copy it from Sparky LXDE or Openbox live system.

I did not upload it to my working directory yet.

Not active...  Unlucky I'd say...

However I had to delete gtk and some kde configuration files In order to have everything work decently again...


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