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MATE language

Started by carlo, October 19, 2013, 01:25:46 PM

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hi all

i'm using (maybe testing is more appropriated) sparky on a pretty old machine (some acer aspire with a pentium 4, according to what's written on the case), and i would like to know whether it's possible to change mate language (from english to italian)

besides i have some issues with graphics and internet:

i've noticed whenever i use iceweasel or midori cpu processor squeezes up to 99/100 percent, is it normal?

as for graphics icons tend to disappear, and today while i was on surfing the internet, i've got many "scars" on the monitor (pretty much like when resolution is toooo high for the monitor), but as pixels refreshed the scars faded; i should have installed an old geforce 440mx on it: may all of this depend on the nouveau drivers?

would razorqt, openbox, e17, etc etc etc be lighter work environments?

hi thanks


Language - run as root:


dpkg-reconfigure locales

and set italy UTF-8 as default.

100 % when using a web browser on an old machine? depens what you browse - if you open flash videos for example - it's normal.

Even you just open a web browser - ii needs much power.

Problems with graphics can be made by drivers, you right.

LXDE, Openbox and e17 is lighter than MATE for sure, Razor-Qt use similar power to MATE.
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it takes a while to elaborate normal pages as well.. once page is loaded, and has no videos nor kinky stuff as google mail does, it works pretty well.. so far i've tried midori and iceweasel... i'll try opera and seamonkey as soon as i'm ionoffice

if i didn't want to reinstall sparky, could i simply install those windows managers from synaptic o would i need further tweaking to have that "sparky flavour" out of cds versions have?


Yes you can, but it will install Debian desktops. We don't have meta packages to install Sparky desktops yet. All the DE are available in Debian testing repository, but e17 can be installed from Debian unstable "Sid" repo.
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Thank you

I'll go in for open box (brave new world)

Have a happy Sunday


Here is a little guide to help you with Openbox:" class="bbcode_url">



I have that kind of impression ill be working hard on Monday.....



THAT's a guide...

alas i haven't much time to enhance all of those things this week, so i'm backing up to lxde till i have more time...

since i'm here, i was trying openbox but the wbar was not visible until i check reload among sparky tools (maybe it depends on the drivers?)

and maybe it's not the most appropriated place to ask, but

when i try other distros, and i install kde, this and that, why do i get openbox-kde, openbox-gnome, openbox-englightenment as desktop environmenti at the login?


If wbar can't be displayed run wbar-config and check all icons of applications. Probably an icon or a few icon is missing so set them up manually.

Openbox is a window manager and it can be used as a window manager for many desktop environments. That's why you can run openbox-kde, openbox-gnome, openbox-enlightenment , etc. I even use Opnebox for Sparky Razor-Qt desktop.
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i'll try better tomorrow..

today achievement were:

- i think there's something wrong with the sparky lxde i486 iso, but i'm downloading it at home now and will make the checksum

- i happened to install lxde, lxde education (or something which sounds similar) ad XFCE:it turned out to be a nice light blue work environment, though i haven't really had time to do anything at all with it

tomorrow, if it's a little less hectic i'd like to check that thing with wbar-config and then formateverything (including the home partition which i didn't) and try again with openbox, lxde or enlightenment.. still unsure about it

As for Openbox: can i use openbox to run kde plasmoids such as comics one?


KDE plasmoids? don't know. I don't use KDE nor GNOME for long time, sorry.
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