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Show Us Your Desktop

Started by The Black Pig, October 04, 2013, 03:47:28 PM

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SparkyLinux 8 (rolling) Seven-Sisters, with Sawfish window manager

full screen (1920x1080)

full screen (1920x1080)

Cheers !! 

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Sparky Linux 8, Seven Sisters, with openbox, tint2, & a simple conky.

The bare desktop. Full-sized image here.

I'm using two menus. jgmenu is invoked by mouse right-click and also by clicking the colorful hamburger icon top-left. rofi is invoked with alt+space. Full-sized image here.

Here are a few open apps to show you the custom gtk theme I created.  Inspiration comes from the Sparky5 theme, but I started from the Basik theme. Full-sized image here.

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